Tags to classify notes

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Background: Tags are the most valuable feature of Evernote. Many people start to tag notes without system and end up in an incredible djungle of unused, unusable or at least not helpful tags.

By using a tag hierarchy together with an identifying Character before every tag name you will come to a very easy-to-use organization of your notes...


How to define Tags

Tags jump into life automatically while clicking Add tag... or typing F3 when editing a note. But be careful: It's not a good idea to do so because you will add tags by accident if you make any typing mistakes!

Suggest way is:

  • open Tags folder in Left Panel and use RClick -> Create Tag...
  • type in a new tag name (start with ".What =")
  • hit <Return>

The new tag is listed und Tags. You may continue adding new tags now by

  • RClick on the new tag and select Create Tag in ".What ="...
  • type in a new tag name (for exampe "=Example")
  • hit <Return>

Bingo! You created a tag hierarchy ".What =" containing a single tag "=Example" therein.

You max continue with adding new hierarchies (start with RClick on "Tags") or new tags within a hierchary (start with RClick on an existing tag).